Reina Dracon is the daughter of the dragonslayer who turned into Acnologia.


Reina was distraught when her father turned into a dragon. She was a dragonslayer at this time, and used the same type of dragonslayer magic as her father. When her village was ravaged by Acnologia, she put herself into a sleep which lasted many eras. She woke up in the year 788 as a 17-year old.

When Reina woke up, she searched desperately for new of her father, and was terrified (and, in an odd way, slightly relieved) that her father was alive. Reina started training relentlessly, concinved that she would rid the world of her father.

Reina realized that although she was strong, would need others to help her defeat Acnologia. She evantually joined Sabertooth and became friends with Sting and Rogue.

A year later, Reina started dating Rogue.


Reina is dark, brooding, and quiet. Many people are intimidated by her. She often bottles her feelings up inside, and usually prefers to be alone.


Reina uses the same type of Dragonslayer magic as her father. She is often referred to as the Black Dragonslayer.

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