Kurai Akihiro



Kurai Akihiro


Oberon Black Knight




15px-Female male




186 cm


57 kg


April 21

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Blue

Blood Type


Professional Status

30px-Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Tower of Heaven

Guild Mark Location

Left Bicep


S-Class Mage


Allied Forces Team Tenrou Team Fairy Tail C Team Chaos


Haru (Exceed) Felix Takihiro

Base of Operations

Second Fairy Tail Building Fairy Tail Building (former)

Personal Status



Acnologia (Foster Father)


Chaos Dragon Slayer Magic Dragon Force Ice Dragon Slayer Magic Ice Chaos Dragon Mode

""I'll wait for you even if it'll take forever.""

— "Kurai Akihiro to Erza Scarlet"

Kurai Akihiro (クライ明宏 Kurai Akihrio), is a Chaos Dragon Slayer S-Class Mage, who is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. He usually spends his free time sleeping in tree branches or eating at the bar (perferably Chocolate). Even though Hikari Daiki and Kurai get along well they often fight or start fights in the guild. He has a crush on Erza Scarlet. 


Kurai is 186 cm tall with a muscular build. He has spiky dark brown hair with a black streak. His eyes are dark blue and usually has a grin on his face. His usual Attire is a grey shirt with a black sleeveless coat and white pants, his other attire is a sleeveless hoodie with cargo shorts. 


Kurai Akihiro

Kurai enjoys skateboarding as a hobby

When Kurai first joined the guild he was very shy and quiet because he was afraid that people would hate him if they knew about his past, but after he got to know everyone he became more friendly and open with his guildmates even though he can be hardheaded at times. He often goes on missions with Haru or Felix if not by himself, Kurai can also be a reliable, strong willied, and willing to take any risks for his friends. Kurai has been skateboarding since he joined the guild and has been featured in Sorcerer Weekly as a model and as a skateboarder.


Kurai was born in a small villiage in Fiore when Acnologia burned  it and took him, where he was taken to the mountains to train. Acnologia never saw Kurai as a son but more as a weapon for desruction so Kurai always tried to impress him by training but he was never impressed or showed any sign of love for Kurai and before he knew it years and passed and it was x777 and Acnologia had left him with nothing more but a note saying that he should use his magic to show the world darkness and to survive all alone in this world ashamed and upset he set off to find and explore the wonders of the world that lay before him when he found a small village named Rosemary while he was visiting the village it was attacked by a cult with dark mages wanting to revive the dark mage Zeref by building the Tower of Heaven were he met Erza Scarlet and instatly fell in love hoping that one day she would return those feelings. Kurai also met with Jellal Fernandes, Rob and a few others. Erza and Kurai soon escaped the Tower sadly without their friends and decided to go the guild Fairy Tail that they heard Rob talk about. One day traveling through the woods he found a young stray cat and decided to name him Haru only to find out he was an Exceed. On his birthday celebrated at the guild he received a skateboard from Makarov Dreyar and has been skating ever since