Korino Twilight is a mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. He practices Ice Dragon Slayer and Ice Make Magic. He was formerly able to utilize Fire, Sky, and Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, in addition to Requip Magic.


Korino has an incredibly laid back and unmotivated personality. Despite this, however, his knowledge in literature, mathematics, history, and especially science are unmatched. He is normally shy, timid, and polite, but once he gets to know someone, he tends to open up much more. Due to this, it is expected that his emotions towards others tend to fluctuate. When he is angered to a high enough peek, or scared, Korino's strength multiplies, allowing him to overcome most challenges. Korino is especially stubborn and doesn't like to give up anything, certainly not something that he has tried hard on. This goes double when it means protecting his few friends. Korino hates to see anyone weak being oppressed, this being the main reason he even learned magic.

Korino is also one of the most mysterious members in Fairy Tail. He tries not to get too close to people, in the fear that he will just be hurt in the end. This is why before joining the guild, and sometimes even after, he doesn't like to stay places very long and he hardly has any friends. Korino is never really affected when he sees sadness, pain, or despair around him, which separates him from the rest of his guild. Despite this, he does genuinely care for others and will try to help them, though he has trouble being sympathetic or compassionate towards them.

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